Det som snurrar i min skalle

Midsummer weekend.

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Had a wonderful weekend with friends and family. Love holidays like that. 
Have been working and hanging oout with Ellen these past few days. I've had this day off work and tomorrow aswell so there will be more Ellen and Imma time this week. Going home to Gothenburg after work on Friday. It'll be nice with a weekend in the city after a while here. 
The weather has been great today so I've spent almost the whole day in our Fatboy in the garden. Nice! Ellen got here around 18 and we've been nanny's to some of our family friends kids since then. It's going to rain tomorrow so idk what's up then... Anyway I hope you all are doing great with whatever you're doing. and Mia if you are reading this I would love to get some pictures from you visit here. I didn't take any with my camera. If you want to you could just send them to


  • Anonym säger:

    Will do darling!!

    2013-06-26 | 13:14:11

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