Det som snurrar i min skalle


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I know... I haven't been nice to you readers. There has been too many other things in the way. I got home from Malmö yesterday evening. My mom drove me in to town and I met up with David, Simon and Simon. We had to take the train to Kållered which is a bit out of central Gothenburg. It didn't take that long though. We went to a BBQ party there which was fun! Played games and had dinner. Lovely weather too. 
And what have I done today? Not really anything... Met up with Kc and Ellen. Had a smoothie at Foxx and took the bus home and drove up to our summerplace. It's nice here although it's not real summer yet. I think I need to spend a lot of time naping this weekend because I haven't slept a whole night in a week. Well. I promise to be a better writer this week. 
Thank you all for still reading. It makes me happy!


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