Det som snurrar i min skalle

Summer, I'm sorry, but I don't know if I want you anymore.

Kategori: Summer

Summer is almost here and I don't know how to feel about. Cry or laugh? Work work work. I guess I souldn't be complaining because I've had summer for a whole year now. Although I'm scared of coming back to reality again. This is my last week of freedom and then I'm stuck at a trailer park. Well. I have to look at it the positive way. I will travel somewhere but I'm not sure of where yet. I will live here at my summerplace which I love, David will be here as much as he can, Ellen will be here with me a lot, I know I will be ok. I just wished there would be no end to this year. But "All good things comes to an end" There I go. Right back at me. I hate that the lyrics in that song are so true. I wish they weren't... Anyway. I KNOW it'll be fine. I just need to find my days.


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