Det som snurrar i min skalle

I want to tell you all those words.

Kategori: Quotes

I want to tell you what my feelings are. How I really feel.
You changed everything, and you have made everything so easy. Now it feels like you will walk away without telling me. I feel lonely. I wish you could tell me what's in there. I wish you were opened minded. I'm sure you will forget me, and I will be stuck with the picture of us. I won't forget what it feels like being close to you. I remember when I first saw you and we were not aware of this. I want to tell you all those words that are stuck in me. I will share them with you, someday. I know we will someday meet and wonder what went wrong. I wish I knew how our future looks like. There are some things we will never understand. I do though understand this. I will always remember us.


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